Amanda, the love panda (maxlavigne) wrote in m_a_e,
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Funny IM conversation

oBo eJANe **: do you use sallie mae for loans?
loveme4mymindXO: i don't think so, i just know the envelopes say direct loans
oBo eJANe **: i was just wondering why you always advertise for them - like that shirt u used to wear at ud
loveme4mymind**: haha what shirt?
loveme4mymind**: mae is for lovers?
oBo eJANe **: mae is for lovers
loveme4mymind**: hahaha that's my favorite band
oBo eJANe **: oh
oBo eJANe **: gotcha
loveme4mymind**: lmao, sorry
oBo eJANe **: sok
oBo eJANe **: im a dummy
loveme4mymind**: no you're not, everyone always asks 'what is mae?'
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